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Contact Lenses

No eyes are created equal and your prescription is unique to you. That is why a proper contact lens fitting is important for maintaining your good vision. 

prescription for glasses only looks at the way light is refracted into your eyes. Contact lens prescriptions include much more necessary information. In addition to your eyes ability to refract, we must identify the proper curvature, diameter, thickness, and material of the contact lens to gives you healthy and comfortable vision. This is why it is important to have your contact lenses and eye health exam every year. 


Contact Lenses for all your visual needs 


Spherical contact lenses are used to correct patients who have myopia (nearsighted) or hyperopia (farsighted)


Contact lenses with astigmatism correction, or toric lenses, are used to correct patients whose eyes are not perfectly round


Multifocal contact lenses are speciality lenses that are used to help patients with presbyopia to see well at distance and near


Monovision is used to help patient with presbyopia see at distance and near by using one contact lens on the dominant eye for distance and one contact lens on the non-dominant eye for near 

Come in to see which type of contact lens will work best for you!

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